The Full Moon is on Friday at 1:25pm EST / 10:25am PST and we are feeling the effects of this Moon in Scorpio now. 

This Full Moon lands on Earth Day, a time when millions of people around the world think about this planet we live on, and how we are going to save it.  What I find most interesting about this union is that, according to the astral insights of the beautiful Mystic Mamma

"This moon is bringing light to all the shadow dynamics that lie underneath the surface ~ and the very things we don’t want to look at or have been avoiding dealing with are likely to come to light right now."

Earth Day serves as a reminder to be more environmentally conscious, that tiny changes in our behaviour, collectively, make an incredible impact on the sustainability of our world. Using the power of the Full Moon's vibrant energy, we can begin to manifest a healthier planet by taking positive, intentional ACTION.  

5 things you can do to harness the power of the Full Moon on Earth Day:
  1. Download the World Wildlife Fund's WWF Together App and once you read the Earth Story, create a special photo with an origami planet ~ featuring you, your pet, your kid, or your favorite place! Share your photo online with the hashtag #WWFTogether and show your friends and family how much you cherish our planet on Earth Day and every day. It costs only a couple of dollars to participate and the proceeds go to a great cause.
  2. Find out where the festivals, parades, and rallies are in your area and how you can participate!  With the powerful Full Moon in full effect, the collective consciousness of groups throughout the world will be amplified.
  3. Grab your friends and family, take just one hour on Friday, and arrange a neighbourhood clean up.  What an incredible message we send to our children and to our community when organizing environmentally conscious activities.
  4. Plant a tree!
  5. Find a quiet spot in nature and take the time for an Earth Day Meditation. Meditating under the beautiful energy of the Full Moon is an incredibly powerful experience, and your energy will be shared with the world on this magical day. 

If you want to make a bigger, more powerful commitment to our planet, choose to give up meat - or perhaps cut down on your consumption significantly. Giving up meat can save the planet. According to, by choosing a vegetarian diet, we can reduce the impact of climate change, rainforest destruction, and pollution, while saving water and other precious resources.

I'd love to hear what you're planning to do on this Full Moon Earth Day! Leave your comments below and be sure to share this article with your earth-loving friends.


In love and light,

Kelli ~ Holistic Rain