August 2018 Super New Moon in Leo & Solar Eclipse

~ A Ritual ~


Suggested materials:

  • A journal or piece of blank paper
  • A pen
  • Relaxing music or the sounds of nature

The Leo New Moon is a time to celebrate life. Leo energy is generous, fun, and flirtatious. It’s a time to get creative, whatever creativity means to you. It’s a time to open your heart and give. Give love, and don’t forget to give love to yourself, because this new moon encourages us to get back in touch with what is wonderful about ourselves and celebrate it!

Let’s harness the power of this New Moon Eclipse energy through a little manifestation ritual.

Essentially, new moon manifesting reminds us to get clear on our dreams and goals and write them down in our journals, on our walls, in our cars, and anywhere else you will see them regularly. This is a powerful time to bring your wishes to form, and the secret to this process is to not only be sure they come from your heart, but to also feel them as if they’ve already happened!

We are powerful manifestation machines when we are able to get clear on our intentions. Once we are able to deeply connect with the moon and its cycles and get clear on what we want, the Universe conspires by presenting us with the opportunities, the people, and the circumstances that will support us on our journey. If you repeat this manifestation ritual monthly on every New Moon, you will feel yourself getting closer to your wishes and you will continue to cultivate the feeling as if you already have it. This is a practice. This takes dedication, clarity, and intense desire. That’s what this process is all about.

Let’s begin our New Moon Ceremony through the following steps: 

  1. Sit in a comfortable position and begin to breathe deeply – in through your nose, and out slowly through your mouth. Allow your shoulders to drop down away from your ears. Focus on your breath and relaxing your body, beginning at the crown of your head and working your way down to your feet.
  2. Take a moment to feel gratitude for all that is wonderful in your life. Visualize the things that bring you the most joy. Now write 5 things in your journal that you’re most grateful for.
  3. Now take a moment to write 5 things in your journal that you would like to manifest into your reality. 5 things that you most want to have, feel, or become in your life in this moment. Breathe into the feeling of already having these things. Visualize what this looks like, down to every detail.
  4. From your list of 5 things you want to manifest, choose the one that feels the most fulfilling, or that brings you the most happiness and joy. Choose the one thing that resonates with you on the deepest level. Use your imagination to really see it. Try to image how you will feel when your wish comes true. Feel the outcome in your body. Hold onto these feelings, because this is what creates the magic.
  5. Now think about how you intend to make your wish come true. What steps will you take, starting today, to manifest that which you desire?   Once we are clear on what we want, and set the intention to manifest exactly that, we then need to open our hearts to infinite possibilities. We must pay attention to the signs the Universe will send us, letting us know that our wishes are being Divinely orchestrated. We must also say yes to anything that will help us to make our dreams come true.
  6. The next step is to meditate on our wish for the next 10 minutes, breathing deeply in the knowing that our deepest desires are our birthright, that we are powerful creators, and that we are meant to have joy and abundance in this lifetime. Breathe repeatedly in for 5 seconds through your nose, hold for 5 seconds, and breathe for 5 seconds through your mouth.
  7. We end this meditation by releasing our attachment to the outcome. Repeat this mantra:  “For the greatest good for all involved, this or something better will now manifest for me with grace and ease. I release my wishes to my Angels.”

Moving forward, hold space once a day for just a few minutes to visualize your desires and to breathe into the feeling of already having them. At each New Moon, find a quiet spot to reflect back upon this ritual and the notes you’ve written in your journal, thanking the Universe for orchestrating your wishes coming true.

And so it is. 


~ Kelli Rain |


Kelli Rain is a Wellness Warrior, Reiki Practitioner, and Founder of Holistic Rain, Soulful Adornments for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Holistic Rain is a lifestyle brand focused on creating tools and providing services that heal you holistically, from the inside out. Kelli's work is designing intention-based jewellery, meditation tools, and bohemian home decor, and to inspire people of all ages and stages to live a soulful lifestyle and to manifest all that they desire.