CHILDREN are fascinated by crystals.  In my work, there are countless kids who are drawn to my crystal jewelry, meditation tools and home decor items.  Their big eyes light up and they want to hold them.  Often I gift crystal pieces to the little ones and love to watch them bounce off, excited about the new stone they get to bring home and cherish.  I'm in the process of creating another children's collection for Fall / Winter because I have so many requests from parents who want the healing benefits these beautiful gems offer.
We're sending our toddler to his first day of Junior Kindergarten tomorrow and not only will he be armoured with essential oils that support a healthy immune system, but he'll also have carefully selected crystals in his pocket to support him on this new journey.  Crystals are wonderful for back to school, when your children need calming energy and to feel supported, connecting them to their imagination and higher self.
Using crystals with children will help to foster
positive thinking, clarity, confidence, and tranquility.
The following are my favourite "starter crystals" for children, and the unique attributes of each:
Love and Peace
Pink / Heart Chakra
Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love, infinite peace, forgiveness, self confidence, and compassion.  It's known to reduce stress and tension, and it enhances self love and love for others.  
Calming and Intuition
Purple / Third Eye Chakra
Amethyst is the ultimate peace stone, offering protection from negative energy and encounters.  It supports children during transitional times, calming the mind and reducing stress.
Positive and Uplifting
Blue/ Throat Chakra
Celestite has a gentle, calming and uplifting energy, helping to bring harmonious balance and alignment into your child's life and is a source of positive energy.  Celestite encourages spiritual enlightenment.
Personal Power
Brown / Solar Plexus Chakra
Tiger Eye is protective and grounding, enhancing clarity and intuition.  It is known to provide a heightened sense of confidence, good judgment, insight, and aids in good decision making.
Clarity of Mind
Clear / Crown Chakra
Selenite enhances clarity and concentration, a wonderful crystal for children in school.  It's known to expand ones awareness of self and has a positive effect on the brain. It helps to soothe nerves and encourages  self-discipline.
Children can wear these stones in pieces of jewelry, in their pocket, and they can place them beside their beds at night for peaceful sleep.  One of the products I create for kids (and adults) is Crystal Mobiles using powerful raw stones and natural healing elements, which can be hung above your child's bed or play area to cleanse the energy in their space. I also create custom aromatherapy jewelry so you can add the healing benefits of essential oils to your sacred piece.
However you choose to introduce crystals into your children's lives, you will notice how receptive they are to the healing energy they vibrate with and how much they resonate with these magical gifts from nature.
To all the Mom's and Dad's dropping their children off to school for the first time tomorrow morning, I feel you.  I will be one of the Mom's in the parking lot crying in my car after drop off.  Wishing you a beautiful school year.
In Love & Light,
Kelli Rain
Founder & Designer