We're born, we're deeply connected to Source, we experience being human, and we forget where we came from.  We then spend the rest of our lives trying to reconnect to Source. The Divine.  Who we TRULY are.
We are, of course, on our own unique paths. Reconnecting with our true selves takes longer for some people, and some may never... in this lifetime... really get there.  But when you start to feel that pull, when your life as it is now just isn't cutting it, when something is just missing and you can't put your finger on it but it's nagging at you and poking you and getting stronger until you can no longer ignore it... then you're on your way to finding your purpose.
What are you doing when you lose time doing it?  What do you get so engaged in that you forget where you are or who you're with or what you're "supposed" to be doing?  What makes your heart sing... in other words, what gives you butterflies and stirs up emotions and makes you feel contentment and happiness and EXHILARATION?  
Do that.
That is your purpose, your dharma, your truth, your authenticity.  We are not meant to be beating the drum with things that do not feed our Souls.  Life is about choosing the people, the places, and the experiences that make us happy.  And I can assure you...
When you are doing what you love, the abundance will follow.  Doors will open that you never knew existed, and everything you need to move forward will line up for you.
I created Holistic Rain while on maternity leave from my job in advertising.  I was inspired to share my love for the beautiful crystals I've collected throughout my travels for so many years, and my passion for holistic healing, meditation, yoga, and spirituality.  From the first piece of jewelry I designed, I knew intuitively that something magical was happening.  Doors have opened, people have appeared, opportunities have presented themselves, and this is what I wanted to share with you.  It's all being divinely orchestrated.  It is all happening exactly as it's supposed to. Trust in the process, let it all transpire, and enjoy the ride!
For me, I had to slow down, get quiet, (have a baby!), and dedicate myself to my meditation practice and holistic lifestyle in order to HEAR my Spirit Guides and choose to do what truly lights me up.  This is my Dharma.  What really lights you up?  
~  Kelli Rain