I talk so much about the healing properties of every crystal I use for my designs, and now I want to go a little deeper in this journey to help you understand how to get the most from these magnificent, powerful gems.
Every crystal has a unique structure that causes it to vibrate at a certain frequency with different healing abilities, stimulating the body’s auric field, chakras, and natural healing mechanisms.
Holistic healing with crystal therapy is a gentle, non-invasive method of harmonizing the mind, body, and spirit.  One of nature’s most magical gifts, crystals increase overall well-being, help to eliminate negativity, and connect us with the divine source of our being.
Wearing crystals is an incredible way to activate their beautiful energy and to benefit from their energy.  You can also place them directly on a specific area of the body that needs some love… you can use them to cleanse and heal in wand form or pendulum form (coming soon!)… and they can be used in the 7 chakra areas of the body.
I will continue to go deeper into this topic and will work with you to choose the gems you need and the best activation method for you at this time, including chakra balancing, feng shui for your home, and crystal healing for overall well-being.
With big love, light and gratitude,
Kelli Rain
Holistic Rain

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