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Why is it that our "New Years Resolutions" bring up feelings of anxiety and grief?


Because we know, deep inside our being, that the promises we're making to ourselves and others this time of year are just empty promises born from wishful thinking.


... or is this year different?


The rare Full Moon this Christmas Day has really shined a light upon each of us during an already emotional time of year.  We're governed by lunar phases and we cannot help but to feel the moon's powerful grip, and this Full Cold Moon in Gemini has reminded us to listen to our inner guidance system and to shed all of the limiting beliefs, habits, people, and circumstances that are blocking us from reaching our full potential.  Our purpose.  Our dharma.


This is an incredible blessing!!  A Full Moon to help us fuel a fresh new year, a powerful tool to assist us in creating ALL that we desire in 2016, a force to be reckoned with to make THIS the year that we release ALL that no longer serves our highest good.  


When you were born, so were your dreams.  THIS is the year.  There are no more excuses.  It's time to muster up the courage to step into what you're meant to do.  Follow your dreams.  Take advantage of this life force energy, let it guide you and protect you.


So get out there and shine your light!  Create new experiences, embrace the unknown, and jump out of your comfort zone.  If you choose to spread love wherever you go, you will create a magical life.  Beautiful people, opportunities, and experiences will line up for you.  Get clear on what you want and get out there and manifest it.  


10 Lunar Resolutions to consider:


  • Get creative, it will make you feel alive!
  • Follow your heart and your Angels will guide you.  TRUST the process.
  • Listen to your own powerful intuition.
  • Focus on making a difference in the world, because you CAN!
  • Embrace your freedom and create new adventures.
  • Get confident in shining your light (it's your obligation).
  • Change your thoughts and shift your perceptions, and you will change your life.
  • Connect with other people who love to feel free, who love to laugh, and who inspire you.
  • Be authentically YOU.  You are enough.  You are unique.  Share your gifts with the world.
  • Release the past.  When you dwell on the past, you risk recreating it.  Focus on the bright, beautiful future that you are about to manifest.


You are under no obligation to be the person you were yesterday.  You are the creator.  Create something magical and shine your beautiful light!




Kelli Rain

Holistic Rain