Twice a year I release new collections:  My Spring/Summer Collection and then 6 months later my Fall/Winter Collection.  Each piece is one of a kind, and once it is sold it cannot be recreated. I use very high quality, high vibrational raw crystals from all over the world, and no two pieces are the same.  When you're drawn to specific pieces there's a deeper meaning to your attraction ~ you most often will benefit immensely from the energy they are vibrating with. 
Outside of these collections, I invite you to work with me to create your custom, one-of-a-kind Prescription Mala using the crystals, gemstones, and decorative elements that will best serve you and help you to manifest or heal what you desire most in this time.  This co-creation process includes a personal crystal consultation that will help you to look within and set an intention for your unique piece.
Connect with me to learn more.

Sending you love and healing,

~ Kelli



I met you at Veg Fest Kingston & ever since I have been very interested in and have even bought some healing stones and a little Zen garden. I was wondering if you and I could meet sometime to create something special for me including gems and stones? I love all of your work and tell everyone about you that asks why I got into gems and stones. I would love to have you create something that was special just for me and could help me heal with some anxieties. Let me know if you would be interested in meeting to create a mobile or big necklace or something :)

Nov 05, 2016


How do I create a mala just for me? I am interested.

Sep 23, 2016

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