If you've spent any time thinking about it, you've likely come to the conclusion that the “work-life balance” that everyone talks about is a myth. It’s not rooted in reality! Work and life are not two separate things! I was asked to speak about this recently at a female entrepreneur's retreat, and in my research I discovered that successful women do not cling to the idea of work-life balance because it simply doesn’t exist.

We can plan and prioritize and have all the best intentions in the world, but as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, daughter, and friend…I believe happiness is based upon being open to anything that comes our way and demands our attention. It’s important to have the ability to discern when it’s time to switch gears when you’re immersed in any one aspect of your life. We have to allow our priorities to shift based on what’s going on in our lives or based on whatever other “cycles” we’re dealing with in that moment.

Suffering is the result of clinging to outcomes…clinging to others’ expectations and unreasonable ideals. Pure joy comes when you’re able to make your mind as expansive as the sky – open, inspired, understanding, forgiving, mainly with yourself. That’s when you’ll feel rooted and balanced.

Mindfulness, more than balance, will ultimately bring you the joy that you’re seeking in this work-life balance myth.

My 6 Key Pillars of a "balanced" lifestyle:


Self-care is often put on the back burner when we are overwhelmed by our other obligations and our busy lives, but if we don’t nurture ourselves it’s not only harder to nurture others, but it also makes it pretty difficult to enjoy the journey. Invest in future you, and ultimately your family, by practicing self-care.   When your soul is nourished, you’re able to give your most authentic, loving self to the people and things you value most.


If you’re a mom, this is likely a soft spot. I think I share some pretty common experiences in this realm.  Once you have a family your time is not always – or ever – your own. Your kids and partner have busy schedules and there are often unexpected events that require lots of juggling and time management. You can plan out your entire week, but there will always be something that disrupts your schedule. The more you’re open to this, allow for flow, and just trust that it’s all happening for a reason (this is life!), the happier you’ll feel.


Need some balance? Get busy with your practice. A spiritual practice doesn’t have to be rigid or overly structured (unless, of course, you like structure). In fact, we can make our practice effortless and simple enough to weave it into our busy day. Whenever I lapse in my own spiritual practice all hell breaks loose. I start to derail the whole train and everyone on it. Your family, your health, your friends, and your work will all enjoy incredible benefits from your dedicated practice.

Make time to find spiritual mentors, people who inspire you, books that feed your soul. Breathe deeply - Pranayama - throughout the day. Do yoga. Set some time aside each day to rest your mind. Get outside.  Be grateful – write down 3 things every day that you appreciate. Journaling is a beautiful way to express yourself, to get clear on what you desire, and encourages you to check in with yourself daily. It helps us to recognize and appreciate all of the blessings in our lives.


We need to protect our energy, and we need a close circle of loving relationships that inspire, uplift, and support us on this journey. Choose who you spend your time with very wisely

"You are the average of the five people you most associate with." ~ Jim Rohn


We’re not on this earth to struggle. We’re not here to suffer. Happiness and joy is our birthright, so be sure you spend time doing what lights you up. Get out and create new experiences, meet new people, open yourself up to all of the miracles that are manifesting for you right now! Travel. Go see some live music. Grab a book and go lay on the beach. Take a drive in the country. The meaningful moments that make up memories and beautiful experiences are never those moments spent rushing around. They are those spent connecting with yourself, with those you love, with nature, with art, or with any passion that makes your soul sing. 


Mindfulness is critical in our work lives. It helps you to be able to shift your perspective, change your mindset when needed, learn lessons from your mistakes and challenges, and helps you to avoid adopting limited beliefs that hold you back from living your full potential. It also helps you to release the ones you’ve already got.

You create your own destiny. Get clear on what you want, create a long-term vision and do something every day towards that goal, no matter how small. Your reality today is simply prepping you for tomorrow! 

  • Be the master creator of your life.
  • Own your power, because you are powerful beyond measure.
  • Learn to kindly say no when needed.
  • Get your priorities straight – and then be open to adjusting them.
  • Trust that everything you desire is being Divinely orchestrated. Because it is.



Kelli Rain is the Founder and Designer behind Holistic Rain, Soulful Necessities for the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Holistic Rain is a lifestyle brand focused on creating tools and providing services and events that heal you holistically, from the inside out. Kelli's work is designing intention-based, healing jewelry and meditation tools, and to inspire people of all ages and stages to live a soulful lifestyle and to manifest all that they desire. She’s also a wife and mother, a Reiki Practitioner, a Crystal Consultant, and is studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

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