I'm Kelli Rain, Founder of Holistic Rain, and it's my privileged mission to create soulful, meaningful, healing products that support and strengthen your spiritual practice. The Holistic Rain Community is on a mission to spread the message of mindfulness, compassion, peace, and living a holistic lifestyle.

It's my passion and my purpose to cultivate love, inspiration, and joy; to raise consciousness; to heal holistically; to empower always; and to be a catalyst for mindfulness and social change.

My products are hand made with sacred materials sourced from all over the world, and I hand pick every crystal personally based on the energy it's vibrating with. Holistic Rain was birthed through my love and passion for meditation, yoga, spirituality, mindfulness, and my call to spread this message throughout the world.

It's my wish that everyone have tools that help them feel supported, vibrant, powerful, and radiant, because they have made an incredible impact on my own life and my own growth and expansion.

Holistic Rain began with handmade crystal and gemstone Mala Beads and has been expanding to include crystal and gemstone jewelry, meditation tools, boho body art, and more. Malas are a set of 108 beads used in meditation, prayer, and yoga, and have roots in Hinduism and Buddhism dating back about 3000 years.  

Today malas are worn by anyone seeking to nurture your mind, body, and soul, supporting you on your spiritual journey. Repeat your mantra 108 times during meditation, using your beads to count.  All of my crystals and gemstones are cleansed and energized under the Full Moon and are infused with Reiki energy.

The 109th “guru” stone, your unique crystal, symbolizes gratitude and vibrates with healing energy. Holistic Rain malas are made with raw crystal pieces ~ just as the Earth formed them ~ each piece as unique as the beautiful soul who adorns it.  I've been collecting crystals throughout my travels for many years, and I wanted to create mala beads with these precious and powerful raw stones. 

Malas are worn to help manifest all that you desire. Get clear on your intentions and use these sacred materials to help transform your wishes into your reality.

Every purchase includes a piece of Buffalo Sage for smudging, to cleanse your crystals and gemstones and raise their vibration. You'll receive a description of the materials used to make your specific piece and the energy they are vibrating with so that you can refer to it often.




All Holistic Rain products have a one-year guarantee against breakage. Malas that are used as they are intended, for Japa Meditation, can break over time due to the rubbing of the stones against the thread. I use the most durable materials available, however, if your item breaks within the first year, I will repair it free of charge, you pay only shipping. This covers normal wear and tear and not breakage of gemstones and crystals. I stand behind my products.  Please contact me if you have any issues so that I can make it right.

 All Holistic Rain products are made once the order is received, and are then cleansed and energized under the next full moon, and infused with Reiki energy.  Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery once this sacred process is complete.

Sending you love and healing,