A Magical Alternative to Standard Baby Showers

The Blessingway is a healing ceremony rooted in Navajo tradition.  A highly spiritual and personal ceremony, it's been practiced through the centuries to avert misfortune, protect the home, and bless pregnancies.  The Blessingway prepares a woman for her transition to motherhood rather than focusing on gifts for the baby.
A Blessingway is a time for the mother-to-be to gather with the women she loves to cultivate positive energy for her upcoming birth experience, empowering her and leaving her feeling more confident and supported as she goes into the powerful experience of giving birth.  It helps to prepare her mind, body, and spirit for her new role in life as a mother.
Your Blessingway Ceremony includes:
~ the co-creation of beautiful, custom Mala Beads for the mother-to-be using the crystals and gemstones that best support her in the birth experience and on her new journey as a mother.  The beads serve as a physical reminder of the support of the women in her life, so that she may call upon this strength during labor and afterwards.
~ each attendee will create their own sisterhood string bracelet to be worn every day leading up to the birth, representing the web of connectivity and support within her circle of friends.  When labour begins, each sister will cut the bracelet and say a prayer for the woman's safe, easy and joyful birth. Until the birth, the women who wear the string bracelet are to keep the expectant mother in their thoughts and prayers.
~ we will collaborate to create a vision board, using images that resonate with the mother-to-be and will inspire her every day and help her to stay grounded and joyful throughout this new chapter in her life.
~ a 60-minute Reiki session for the mother-to-be using crystal healing and aromatherapy to help her to feel nurtured and pampered.  Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field, charging them with positive energy.  It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in and around the physical body where negative thoughts and feelings are attached.  Reiki clears and straightens and also heals the energy pathways. 
~ a guided Loving-Kindness Meditation
~ each attendee will go home with a candle to light when they receive the notification that labor has begun

We will create a sacred space and form a circle to create an energy field of love and support for the mother-to-be.  We honour, pamper, and adorn her with positive and loving energies and share stories and experiences that empower and inspire her. 

Each guest is asked to bring a single flower, which we will use to make a simple crown for the mother-to-be which is then placed on her head at the beginning of the circle.

Each guest is also asked to bring an offering from nature like a small crystal, a feather,  or a rock. These will be placed in a keepsake box to remind her of the beautiful support of the women she loves. 


The Blessingway is an incredibly moving experience that helps to prepare the Mother spirituality and mentally for what is to come.


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