I've created this community to support people like you in
making healthy choices for a more fulfilling life.
Let me give you a little background explaining why I’m so passionate about the world of holistic health and helping you to create an authentic, inspired, and healthy lifestyle.

As a young woman, I spent a lot of time searching and very little time finding. The main problem was that I had no idea what I was searching for. I stumbled along a caffeine, nicotine, and adrenaline-fueled path from one city to another, jumping from one unfulfilling job to another, climbing a corporate ladder I believed would bring me happiness. I set goals and I achieved them, only to feel less fulfilled and more lost and disconnected than when I started.

At my lowest point, I was working seven days a week in a demanding job for another company I had no passion for. I was underweight and unhealthy, sleep deprived, unhappily single and wondering if and when I would “find my joy”. Self-care was put on the back burner in favor of my daily demands. I felt lost, alone, confused, and overwhelmed with fear of the unknown.  Something had to change.

 After a decade of living with zero balance and even less connection to my Soul, I finally got the courage to take action.

I quit my job, gave up my home in the city along with most of my possessions and booked a flight to Europe. My only travel companion was my raw, vulnerable self. I was emotionally drained and feeling defeated, and I didn’t know if I had the strength to pull myself out of the void that was my life. I sat for hours in cafes, museums, and temples pouring my heart out onto the pages of my journal. I cried my way through London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, and Barcelona, releasing all of that toxic stuff that was causing me pain for so many years. I had never felt so alone and lonely.  I didn't have much money, and I had no idea what I was going to do for a living when I returned.

I kept telling myself I am being Divinely guided. I knew I had to trust my path.  I knew that by making these choices, these sacrifices, that things would have to begin to fall into place for me.

In time, I felt my heart expanding, and the walls I had placed around myself started, slowly, to come down.  When I returned to Canada, I started the business of re-building my life on my own terms. I couldn’t make any more decisions based on ego and misguided ambitions, and I vowed to never again put myself in a situation where I felt enslaved to my circumstances. I knew I had to create a better world for myself.

I began a dedicated personal journey of self-discovery and miraculous healing. I took my power back.

I started a daily meditation and yoga practice and decided to follow my dreams...but I wasn't even clear on what those were!  So I dedicated myself to self-care and personal healing.

Before long, my creativity began to flow, doors began to open, and opportunities began to present themselves.  I found mentors who resonated with me and I became a devoted student of spirituality. I got quiet, so I could figure out what my purpose on this earth really is. I began creating the circumstances in my life that would allow for new experiences to enter. I made a decision to do only what I love, with people I love.

As soon as I got clear on what I don't want, I was able to begin the process of creating what I do.

The process of releasing what no longer served me created the space to allow for all of life's real abundance to enter my life.  Within 6 months of returning from my European adventure, I met and married my husband and we now have a healthy, beautiful little boy. Because I got emotionally and physically healthy, I allowed space for what I desire most to manifest into my reality.  I ALLOWED my life to flow.



It's been a long and difficult journey, but every experience has been a beautiful part of my evolution. I’ve worked so hard to completely change my lifestyle. I’ve stepped into my power and make better choices for myself. I surround myself with heart-centered people and circumstances and I'm dedicated to a holistic way of life. I now live mindfully with purpose, integrity, and joy and am focused on making this world a better one for our children.

I created this community to support people like you in making healthy choices for a more fulfilling life.  Holistic Rain is a lifestyle brand focused on creating tools and providing services and support that heal you from the inside out.  As a wellness advocate, I’m part of the contemporary spiritual movement that encourages plant-based holistic nutrition, compassion, consciousness and sustainability.

Today, my work is designing healing energy jewelry and meditation tools that encourage you to Slow Down. Breathe. Trust.  My work is to inspire people of all ages and stages to manifest the life you want. To help you create the space that will allow everything you desire into your world. I'm also focused on holistic healing through my Reiki practice, crystal consulting, and Holistic Nutrition as I study to become an RHN.

I look forward to continuing my journey in your company.  It is my wish that everyone have tools that help them feel supported, vibrant, powerful, and radiant.  I hope you'll get comfortable while you navigate through my site.  I also co-create custom, one-of-a-kind prescription mala beads with the crystals and gemstones that you need most to manifest or heal what you desire.  Visit my Prescription Mala page for details.


Sending you love and healing,

Kelli Rain