We all have our own unique story, we're on our own journey, and throughout our lives we need different energies to manifest or heal what we desire in this moment.  This is how Holistic Rain Prescription Malas were born.

Work with me to discover how you would like your unique piece to make you feel, to help choose the crystals, gemstones, decorative elements, and charms that will serve your highest good at this time, to infuse you with the energies that will help bring you the abundance, happiness, peace, health, and vibrance that you are wishing for.

Connect with me to schedule your telephone consultation session during which we'll bring your vision to life, and I will co-create a custom, prescription Mala for you, interacting with you along the way.  

Holistic Rain malas are hand made with sacred, healing materials sourced from all over the world. I hand pick every crystal personally based on the energy it is vibrating with.  I use raw, untampered crystals, high quality gemstones, and genuine wood beads from India where they are considered sacred.

Prescription Malas are one-of-a-kind, uniquely yours, will be cleansed and energized under the Full Moon and infused with Reiki energy.  Every mala purchase includes loose Buffalo Sage for smudging, to cleanse your crystals and gemstones and raise their vibration. You will receive a description of the materials used to make your special piece and the healing properties they are vibrating with, and a special box to protect and store your sacred piece.

Total Investment depends on materials used.  

Connect with me to schedule your consultation and design your custom mala.

Sending you love and healing,

Kelli Rain


* All Holistic Rain Malas have a one-year guarantee against breakage. Malas that are used as they are intended, for Japa Meditation, can break over time due to the rubbing of the stones against the thread. I use the most durable materials available, however, if your mala snaps within the first year, I will restring it free of charge, you pay only shipping. This covers normal wear and tear and not breakage of gemstones and crystals. I stand behind my products.  Please contact me if you have any issues so that I can make it right.