I'm deeply grateful for everyone who writes to me with stories about how your jewelry has made you feel, has helped you to heal, and has helped you to get clear on your intentions and desires. This is what it's all about.  I am truly blessed to be doing this work. Thank you.  ~ Kelli


I absolutely love my Holistic Rain Mala. When I'm not wearing it, it sits on my altar with my Buddha and the other rocks and gems I've collected over the years - a most deserving place. Not only is it beautiful to look at and beautiful to wear, but I use it as a way to reconnect with my innermost self no matter where I may be in the moment or in the world. It's a piece I can take with me anywhere that both grounds me and elevates me, and of course, reminds me to meditate.

~ Stephanie D.


I am over the moon with my exquisite Holistic Rain "Trust" mala. It is stunningly beautiful, and radiant with the mindful and heartfelt energy under which it was clearly so carefully crafted. What an amazing gift, made all the more meaningful by the notes on the crystals and smudging sage which came with it. So perfect!

~ Belinda F.


I was immediately impressed with the quality & beauty of the piece. I have noticed a positive and uplifting change in energy and an overall calmness throughout my day. I actually ordered another one as a gift for my wife!

~ Johnny R.


Kelli and I met at a local festival and I immediately was drawn to her creative jewelry pieces. She offered to sit down for a 1:1 consult to view some pieces and talk about what I wanted to manifest. I chose the "serenity" piece because I was drawn to the Rose Quartz and it represents self-love and taking time for yourself. When I am not wearing the piece I keep it in my car to remind me of what I want for myself and my family. Kelli is a genuine and kind person that really wants the best for the people she meets. She takes the time to make jewelry that reflects the individual.

~ Jillian G.


I had been searching for Mala Beads for quite sometime, not knowing exactly what I was looking for but I was seeking a calmer mind and body, and overall peace and well being. One afternoon, perhaps not coincidently I came across Holistic Rain Mala Beads. I had met Kelli Rain through a very close friend and therefore took an immediate interest.  Kelli is knowledgeable and respectful of the history of Mala Beads and was able to create a perfect solution for me that nurtures my being and connects with my soul. We spoke about important aspects of my life and she explained the meaning behind each crystal and made suggestions specifically for me. Initially Malas were made for meditation and prayer. If this isn't really your thing, simply wearing your Mala can help you feel good and help you find what you are seeking. When I wear my necklace many people admire it.  Not only does it have so much meaning, it is a very beautiful piece made with healing crystals and gemstones with special and specific energies. Holistic Rain creations are made with love and intention. Kelli, thank you for the time and the care you give to everyone.

~ Jackie S.


I have always had a love for the crystals, rocks and gems of the earth. However, unlike finding rocks on the shore of a beach, the most difficult part of acquiring my Mala was the selection and then the "feeling."  After selecting my mala named "Earth Rainbow" for the intricate design of the colours and the shape of the Selenite, I read the description card included. This was the mala for me! When I wear my Earth Rainbow, I feel a sense of calm, and I feel rooted like a tall strong cedar tree. Life's transitions found me seeking something to wear to ground me, and as gravity points it towards the earth, it is a reminder of "grounding" to my spirit at a subconscious level. When I have challenges finding my words or when I"m pondering an idea, thought or decision, the Mala is a reminder of letting my authentic self shine!  Thank you Holistic Rain. I thought it was "just" a necklace. I was far from correct in that thinking!  

~ Keesha R.


I absolutely love my "Sea Goddess" mala!  The smokey quartz keeps me grounded and more able to cope with the stress of the day, along with the jade, hematite & sandalwood that keeps me thinking in a positive manner.  My mala brings me peace & tranquility when I wear it.  I have noticed a huge improvement in my coping skills and the bonus is, it was so obviously hand made with love.

~ Sandra A.


My mala is absolutely beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time. And best of all, the energy of it radiates with really makes me feel calm. Thank you so very much.

~ Jenny B.


I LOVE my Holistic Rain Mala. My crystal is beautifully wrapped, and the bead work is gorgeous. Kelli's work is truly authentic and I haven’t seen anything else like it. All other malas I have looked at do not compare to Holistic Rain malas. When wearing it I feel more focused, relaxed and motivated. When I’m not wearing it, It hangs above my bed every night. I feel as though it was created with good intentions and love.

~ Sidney M.


I just purchased my first mala. I absolutely love it, and what makes it so special is not only the look of it, but also the amount of dedication put into making it, and the cleansing of the gemstones! I love the information on all of Kelli's products, it makes it so much more special!! Thank you Holistic Rain!!

~ Kerry M.