I'm deeply grateful for everyone who has shared their stories about how your Holistic Rain Retreat experience has made you feel, how it's empowered you, has helped you to heal, and has helped you to get clear on your intentions and desires. This is what it's all about.  I am truly blessed to be doing this work. Thank you.  ~ Kelli


"Overall it was one of the most inspirational and transformational experiences of my life."

"It was amazing. Being surrounded by women who understood my interests and values allowed me to stand in my truth and go home feeling like I had value to add to this world."

"Everything was perfect, from the moment we walked through the door to the moment I had to say goodbye. Kelli went above and beyond to make the retreat perfect - the yoga, mediation, reiki, gems, bracelets, and friendships were absolutely amazing."

"Everything we did together, everything we shared made me feel more connected - to the universe and everything in it and to my Sisterhood. I left feeling empowered, connected and grateful."

"I felt so divinely connected the entire weekend. The company, the venue, the activities. Nothing more could have made me feel more connected to myself, to nature and to each other. The community we got to be a part of was amazing. After 48 hours I felt more connected to the women there than some of my longest friendships!"

"I experienced a strong sense of purpose and realignment. It made me feel like I have many gifts to share, and most importantly feel like I have to find a way of utilising them better and valuing them more."

" I will hold the memories of this weekend near and dear to my heart for years to come. I keep telling people how magical it was because magic is the only way to describe it! The messages that came through for each and every one of us was divine. The validation of what we are all here to do couldn't have been timed more perfectly. I definitely left a different person than when I arrived.