One of the most exciting facets of Holistic Rain for me has been the opportunities to bring people together to inspire, empower, and support one another in creating a life we truly want to show up for - from small workshops to large, charitable events. 
We're a lifestyle brand in the most genuine sense:  deeply rooted in and connected with a strong desire to live holistically, authentically,  and with fierce determination to make this world a better place.  It's a lifestyle.  A way of living.  A devoted community of people who are seeking more.  More love, more connection, more joy.
We host several new workshops that are in alignment with our values and with this community we've created:
Learn how to ground yourself with crystals, nourish your skin in the healthiest way, protect your energy and practice self-love. You will leave with grounding, protective crystals and a decadent natural skin care oil.  Total investment:  $120 pp.
We will begin with a relaxing meditation and energy cleanse, then flow into learning about the energy of crystals as they are aligned with the chakra system. We will then learn how to care for your crystals, how to incorporate them into your daily spiritual practice, and how to keep them cleansed and energized.  Total investment:  $60 pp.
This is an  Introduction to your little ones to the science and energy of crystals and which stones are best for various emotions. We will share simple mindfulness techniques for kids and talk about how to take care of our precious crystals.  Total investment:  $40 pp.
A Vision Board is a visual representation of what you want in your life, body mind and spirit, and your vision of your future.   We create a sacred space where we will get clear on our intentions for the future, creating our own unique vision boards to help to bring our dreams to life, putting our biggest hopes and most soulful desires onto a beautiful canvas that can be hung at your altar, in your bedroom, or in your workspace so that you see it and (more importantly) FEEL it often.  When we visualize, we are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe, and what we focus on expands. Pair a vision board with the art of powerfully written intentions, and you have created a powerful tool that will serve as a frequency magnet for all that you want to see manifest into form.  Total investment: $60 pp.
This is a one-on-one relaxing and restorative meditation experience to cleanse the aura, balance the energy within the body, and you bring home a full set of chakra clearing crystals.  Total investment $150 for one hour. 
Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and join our community on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed about future workshops.  If you would like to co-host a workshop, please contact me.  Workshops are available currently in Ontario and British Columbia, Canada.