Abundance Stack
Abundance Stack Abundance Stack

The bracelet bundle is handmade with a Crazy Lace Agate guru stone, Jade and Yellow Agate beads, Citrine accents and a cotton tassel.

Crazy Lace Agate, or “Happy Lace”, is the laughter stone, bringing joy to those who wear it. It is known to elevate your thoughts, promote optimism, and is a stone of support and encouragement. It stimulates the mind and attitude with its circular flow of energy.

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, attracting love and wealth into your reality.  It encourages creativity and is a dream stone, providing access to the spiritual world.

Yellow Agate is a stabilizing, balancing stone that helps you to remain grounded and harmonious. It helps to raise your self esteem and promotes vitality and joy.

Citrine carries the power of the sun, stimulating the chakras, stirring the Soul, bringing wealth and abundance into your reality. It’s the premier manifestation stone, awakening your creativity and imagination. Wearing and holding Citrine will help you transform your dreams and wishes into form. It encourages a full life, new beginnings and fresh pursuits.