Anja Mala
Anja Mala Anja Mala Anja Mala

This mala has a raw Amethyst crystal cluster guru stone, and faceted amethyst, dogtooth amethyst, and lavender amethyst gemstone beads.  This mala is a powerful spiritual tool.  Crystals are most powerful when in their natural state.

Amethyst is the peace stone, associated with the 3rd Eye Chakra to increase spirituality. Vibrating with stability, inspiration, and strength, it has powerful cleansing and healing powers and attracts beautiful energy into your environment.

This genuine sandalwood is from India, and helps to attract positive energy and provide clarity while meditating. It’s one of the most sacred materials used in Ayurveda, and its aroma is used to induce a calm and meditative state.

This mala is unique and one of a kind.