Botswana Dharma Bracelet Bundle
The Law of Dharma is your purpose in life.  We all have unique gifts and special talents, and we are guided to share these with others.  This is our purpose.  This is our Dharma.
Choose the gemstones that will best serve your purpose and help you to shine your light and share your gifts.

Botswana Agate is comforting and protective, soothing to those who are lonely, easily hurt or grieving a loss. It helps center you during meditation, and provides the strength needed to look for solutions rather than dwelling on negativity.

New Jade is known to correct emotional imbalance and enables you to feel more in control of your life.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It balances your emotions, opens your heart chakra, and vibrates with compassion and peace. Rose Quartz enhances your creativity, helps to heal emotional wounds and broken hearts, and relieves anxiety. 

Rudraksha Seeds help to guide you on your prosperous journey, protect you, and are known to increase your abundance.

Radiate with beautiful energy x 3.