Crystal Mobile: Smoky Quartz, Selenite, Blue Calcite, Quartz, Rose Quartz

Made with materials from the earth, as Mother Nature intended.  Hand crafted with raw, untampered crystals, powerful crystal clusters, and natural driftwood.  Crystals are used in Feng Shui to cleanse the energy in your home and office, to infuse your space with beautiful energy, and to invite what you desire into your existence.  

Smoky Quartz has a very healing and grounding effect when placed inside the home or office space, providing awareness, healing, and clarity. Smoky Quartz is protective and grounding, and helps you reach your personal and business goals. It’s also used to assist in making wishes come true. Dream big and start manifesting.

Selenite is the stone of mental awareness, truth, honesty and Angel communication. It is associated with the Moon, heightening intuition and psychic awareness. Working with Selenite brings clarity to your meditations and your spiritual understanding of the Universe and your place in it.

Blue Calcite is a calming and soothing stone, amplifying energy and aiding in communication. It fosters enlightened discussions, and helps you to see more clearly the path to happiness.

Quartz helps to balance the energy of your home. It is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on our earth because is absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, unblocking your Chakras and allowing energy to flow freely.  Quartz cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep Soul cleanser, raising your energy to the highest possible level.

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It balances your emotions, opens your heart chakra, and vibrates with compassion and peace. Rose Quartz enhances your creativity, helps to heal emotional wounds and broken hearts, and relieves anxiety. It’s all about love, self love and love for others.

This is a powerful mobile that can be hung in any area of your home that you wish to support love, protection, awareness, and truth.