Dream Mala
Dream Mala Dream Mala Dream Mala Dream Mala Dream Mala

This mala is for the dreamer who wants to manifest your desires into form, while feeling uplifted, supported, and inspired by the Universe and your surroundings. 

Citrine carries the power of the sun, stimulating the chakras, stirring the Soul, bringing wealth and abundance into your reality. It’s the premier manifestation stone, awakening your creativity and imagination. Wearing and holding Citrine will help you transform your dreams and wishes into form. It encourages a full life, new beginnings and fresh pursuits. Citrine never needs cleansing.  It absorbs, transmutes, dissipates, and grounds negative energy and is therefore extremely protective.  It energizes every level of life.

Crazy Lace Agate, or “Happy Lace”, is the laughter stone, bringing joy to those who wear it.  It is known to elevate your thoughts, promote optimism, and is a stone of support and encouragement.  It stimulates the mind and attitude with its circular flow of energy.

New Jade is known to correct emotional imbalance and enables you to feel more in control of your life. Jade is a symbol of purity and serenity.  It attracts good luck and increases love and nurturing.  Jades releases negative thoughts and soothes the mind.

This genuine sandalwood is from India, and helps to attract positive energy and provide clarity while meditating. It’s one of the most sacred materials used in Ayurveda, and its aroma is used to induce a calm and meditative state.