Garnet Fuschia Wrist Mala
Garnet Fuschia Wrist Mala Garnet Fuschia Wrist Mala

In traditional Buddhist culture, tassels are symbolic of the roots of lotus blossoms growing down into the earth, grounding us and connecting us as one. Lotus blossoms promote enlightenment, and represent spiritual power, and purity of mind, body, and speech.  This bracelet is made with a sterling silver tassel charm.

A stone of harmony, Fuschia Agate provides balance between one's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states. Emotionally, agate provides you with courage, strength, self-confidence, and it helps to dispel fears.

Garnet is a strong, sensual precious stone known for it’s creative energy. Amidst a world of chaos it invokes courage, hope, purification, and love.  This intense stone is known to reduce toxins in your body, provides a protective and calming influence, and cleanses and energizes the Chakras.