Gypset Mala
Gypset Mala Gypset Mala Gypset Mala Gypset Mala

Chrysocolla is the ultimate Goddess stone, devoted to expression, empowerment, and teaching. The turquoise colour induces a feeling of serenity and peace, and discharges negativity. It’s the stone of empowerment and feminine energies, expressing genuine power with gentleness and love. Chrysocolla also helps us to nurture our natural spontaneity. Release your gypsy soul.

Amethyst is the peace stone, associated with the 3rd Eye Chakra to increase spirituality. Vibrating with stability, inspiration, and strength, it has powerful cleansing and healing powers and attracts beautiful energy into your environment.

Teal Jade is the ultimate dream stone, and is said to bless whatever it touches and encourage creativity.  Jade is the calm in the midst of a storm, a crystal of new love, trustworthiness, and fidelity.  

Citrine carries the power of the sun, stimulating the chakras,  stirring the Soul, bringing wealth and abundance into your reality.  It’s the premier manifestation stone, awakening your creativity and imagination. 
This Rosewood, from India, is a rare wood considered very holy and sacred. It helps you to manifest what you dream, desire, and need to heal.
Embrace the unconventional. Wander. Release your gypsy soul.