High Vibe Mala
High Vibe Mala High Vibe Mala
Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser of your environment.  Simply holding it in your hand creates an incredible stream of energy through your body and raises your vibration.
Hawks Eye strengthens courage and confidence, and is known to help gain perspective and face situations fully.  It is the stone of sharp observation, helping you to avoid danger and negative situations. 
Moonstone holds the power of mystery, taking you on a journey of self discovery, providing emotional balance, and releasing any feelings of hopelessness. It’s a lovers stone, in harmony with the moon’s cycles.
Rhodonite is a strong stone of generosity and altruism.  It’s an excellent stone to use in meditation and will assist you to discover your life’s purpose.
Hematite is the symbol of life energy and provides confidence, will power, and boldness.  Hematite works to keep negativity away and is a grounding stone.
This Sandalwood is from India, and is known to attract positive energy and provide clarity while meditating.  It’s one of the most sacred materials used in Ayurveda.
Raise your vibration. Be the lighthouse.