Jade Dharma Bracelet Bundle
The Law of Dharma is your purpose in life.  We all have unique gifts and special talents, and we are guided to share these with others.  This is our purpose.  This is our Dharma.
Choose the gemstones that will best serve your purpose and help you to shine your light and share your gifts.

Green Jade is the ultimate dream stone, and is said to bless whatever it touches and encourage creativity.  Jade is the calm in the midst of a storm, a crystal of new love, trustworthiness, and fidelity.  Rubbing jade will help to increase energy throughout the day.

Fire Agate is known as the spiritual flame of perfection, providing strength and promoting passion in love and in life.

Citrine carries the power of the sun, stimulating the chakras, stirring the Soul, bringing wealth and abundance into your reality. It’s the premier manifestation stone, awakening your creativity and imagination. Wearing and holding Citrine will help you transform your dreams and wishes into form. It encourages a full life, new beginnings and fresh pursuits.

Rudraksha Seeds help to guide you on your prosperous journey, protect you, and are known to increase your abundance.

Radiate with beautiful energy x 3