Children’s Aromatherapy Mala (Blue)
Children’s Aromatherapy Mala (Blue) Children’s Aromatherapy Mala (Blue) Children’s Aromatherapy Mala (Blue) Children’s Aromatherapy Mala (Blue)
Mala beads promote peace, well being, and a calm mind.  More and more, mindfulness is being taught to children at home and in schools, and yoga is popping up in phys-ed classes to help children cope with stress, to focus, to relax, and to have greater self-control and self-confidence.
We can teach our children to focus on their breath, to list 5 things they’re grateful for at the end of each day, to be mindful and compassionate with other children at school, to eat consciously and healthily, and to listen to their own inner guide.
I wanted to create a tool to help our little ones remember to slow down, calm down, and feel grounded and safe.  Children are fountains of spiritual wisdom and they are bundles of emotion, joy, and pure love.  It’s so important to preserve the essence of divinity that accompanies our little beings of light.
The Holistic Rain Little Buddha Collection for children are made with 72 beads, a traditional spiritual number, with aromatherapy clay beads infused with a calming essential oil, and rudraksha seeds from India, where they are grown in nature and considered sacred.   
Each mala has a raw calcite crystal guru bead, known to amplify positive energy and speed up development and growth physically, mentally, and spiritually.  It’s a stone of higher consciousness, awareness, and emotional intelligence.  It is known to help calm the mind, and can help students study more effectively.
IMPORTANT: All small pieces are a choking hazard for small children and infants.  My jewelry is not intended for children under the age of 8.   Do not allow children to play with beads or let them place these products in their mouths, because they may accidentally ingest or choke on them.  Never allow jewelry in your child's mouth or allow them to wear it to bed, in water, or while playing. Please keep your little ones safe with constant supervision.