Men’s Aromatherapy Mala
Men’s Aromatherapy Mala Men’s Aromatherapy Mala Men’s Aromatherapy Mala

This Mala is handmade with a Clear Quartz guru stone and Lava, Sandalwood, and Rosewood beads from India.  Lava holds the scent of essential oils, adding an aromatherapy element to this unique piece.

Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on our earth because it absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, unblocking your Chakras and allowing energy to flow freely. Quartz cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep Soul cleanser, raising your energy to the highest possible level.

Lava Stone is found in the core of the earth and in the depths of the ocean.  It is known to help calm your emotions, stabilizing and grounding your root chakra.  It's a stone of rebirth, and allows for beautiful energy to flow.  Lava helps to raise your energy levels, increase your libido, and enhances creativity.  It's considered to be a fertility stone for women and provides a shielding from radiation.  

This genuine sandalwood is from India, and helps to attract positive energy and provide clarity while meditating. It’s one of the most sacred materials used in Ayurveda, and its aroma is used to induce a calm and meditative state.

This genuine Rosewood is from India where it is considered rare and holy, and is associated with the Heart Chakra. It helps you to manifest what you dream, desire, and need to heal.

This mala is made with a traditional 72 10mm beads.