Mudra Mala

A Mudra is a symbolic ritual or gesture in Buddhism and Hinduism.

Optical Calcite clears and activates all of the chakras, improving the flow of energy and removing fear-based emotions, bringing more optimism and clarity into your experience.  This is the perfect stone for infusing the law of attraction into your every day life, and for learning how to apply it to manifest all that you desire.

Amethyst, the crystal of spirituality and contentment, brings you creativity, insight, and a higher level of self-awareness.  It has been highly esteemed for it’s stunning beauty and powers to stimulate and still the mind and emotions.  Amethyst vibrates at a high frequency, purifying negative auras, energies, attachments, and creating a protective energy field around the body.  Associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, amethyst helps to develop intuitive and psychic ability.

Citrine carries the power of the sun, stimulating the chakras,  stirring the Soul, bringing wealth and abundance into your reality.  It’s the premier manifestation stone, awakening your creativity and imagination.  Wearing and holding Citrine will help you transform your dreams and wishes into form.  It encourages a full life, new beginnings and fresh pursuits.

Hematite is a grounding and calming stone, strengthening your connection with the earth and providing you with protection.
Rudraksha Seeds help to guide you on your prosperous journey, protect you, and are known to increase your abundance.