New Year Vision Board Workshop
Join me on Tuesday, January 23rd, 6-9pm for a Vision Board Workshop to begin 2018 manifesting all that you desire in the year ahead.
A Vision Board is a visual representation of what you want in your life, body mind and spirit, and your vision of your future.
We're creating a sacred space where we will get clear on our intentions for the new year, creating our own unique vision boards to help to bring our dreams to life, putting our biggest hopes and most soulful desires onto a beautiful canvas that can be hung at your altar, in your bedroom, or in your workspace so that you see it and (more importantly) FEEL it often.
When we visualize, we are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe, and what we focus on expands. Pair a vision board with the art of powerfully written intentions, and you have created a tool that will serve as a frequency magnet for all that you want to see manifest into form in 2018.
Vision Boards work with the art of allowing; the law of attraction. The intention of this event is to begin the year with mindfulness, intention, clarity, and empowerment.
- Any photos, quotes, mantras, and memorabilia that inspire you and that you want to look at every day
- A few magazines that you don't mind snipping pages from
- Anything else that will help to keep you cozy, relaxed, and inspired
Follow your vision, manifest your dreams.
Tickets are $40 +HST. Space is limited. Light refreshments included.
Location:  Kingston, Ontario.  Full address provided once registered.