The Goat (Capricorn)
The Goat (Capricorn) The Goat (Capricorn) The Goat (Capricorn)

Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It balances your emotions, opens your heart chakra, and vibrates with compassion and peace. Rose Quartz enhances your creativity, helps to heal emotional wounds and broken hearts, and relieves anxiety. It’s all about love, self love and love for others.

Garnet is a strong, sensual precious stone known for it’s creative energy. Amidst a world of chaos it invokes courage, hope, purification, and love.  This intense stone is known to reduce toxins in your body, provides a protective and calming influence, and cleanses and energizes the Chakras.

This genuine sandalwood is from India, and helps to attract positive energy and provide clarity while meditating. It’s one of the most sacred materials used in Ayurveda, and its aroma is used to induce a calm and meditative state.